Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amelia's Magazine

Two images I did for online art/music/fashion magazine 'Amelia's Magazine.'  I did them short-notice in around 2 hours.  The illustrations were for a review for a recent gig by acoustic/folk bands 'Peggy Sue' and 'The First-Aid Kit'.  I decided to listen to their music and illustrate the vibe of both the bands. 

 I want to do a lot more collage,using old magazine/books in the future rather than Photoshop (which I used for these).  Old books from charity shops make amazing sketchbooks!


coconut_gold said...

Love these Jill :) xx

Lady Zaza said...

Oh my god Jill Amelias is my favourite magazine....its the bible its amazing!! Thats so cool Jill Congrats! xx