Monday, September 12, 2011


Its been almost a year since I've updated my blog.  In that time I took a job working in a busy restaurant to save up for doing placements/internships and to do a working Visa in Canada which had been a post-uni ambition.  I thought I'd be able to work on projects and do my website at the same time as working full-tim but soon my job took over my life; I worked long shifts in an unfulfilling job and on days off I was too tired to lift a pencil.

Once I got to Canada I realised whilst I was handing out CV'S to various coffee shops and restaurants that I'd had enough of working jobs I didn't want to do anymore and decided instead to travel for 2 months rather than stay for 7 months as planned.   So after Toronto-Ottawa-New York-Montreal-Winnipeg-Calgary-Vancouver-Edmonton-Winnipeg-Toronto I'm back in Scotland, unemployed and ready to try having a go at working in the creative industry again.

I'd better stick the kettle on.

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Tracie said...

I found this to be a very interesting experience and hope you elaborate on your blog a bit more one day. I love stories of people who are creative and follow their dreams:)